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SLOW!!! but fully functional ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love slack, and this app allows you to take advantage of all it’s really great functions… BUT it requires so much RAM it is frustrating to even have this app open. The app itself usually lags, and just having it open tremendously slows down everything on my computer. I actually just deleted it, so will resort to using web version or finding some lightweight non-native app until things are streamlined or I get a computer with more RAM.

Say it Ain't So, Joe!

I saw the highlighted 1-star review complaining about the lack of a dark theme in the native app, and thought "Say it ain't so..." Yes, it is so. There is still no dark theme on Slack, even in the "desktop" app, in July of 2018. Discord looks usable out of the box; perhaps it's because gamers actually care about aesthetics. You guys can't pretend that this is actually hard to accomplish, because you're using web technologies which are based on CSS. Creating a dark theme for Slack would take little more than having selectable CSS on the web app and the "desktop" app, and then providing the alternative CSS file(s). You know, similar to how Eclipse and other productivity tools have been doing it for *years*. Don't bother providing a Developer Response to this. Everyone knows that doing what we're asking for would not constitute a serious technical challenge for you. It's abundantly clear that you're choosing not to do it; probably because some jerk in your management hierarchy wants to impose his will on the world and chooses to do it in the pettiest of ways. Slack itself is an imposition from corporations on their employees and the further imposition of brighter-than-the-sun white globs of background junk all over our monitors is a further offense that is unforgiveable.

Slack: Customers asked for feature since 2014, but let's make fun of them for asking

Slack is an okay app, but the team behind it appears to loathe their customers. This is a bold claim, but when you have a company that has known it users wanted "night mode/dark theme" since 2014 (check their Twitter for 10 Nov 2014), not added it yet because "doing accessibility is hard" for 4 years, and then has a Product team with the nerve to harass its customers on Twitter (Kump on 8 Jun 2018) for expecting them to follow through like a quality Mac app - what is the right way to categorize this attitude? Maybe your Product team should spend more time fixing the accessibility issues you appear to find "unsolvable" for 4 years instead of scoring snarky Internet points. EDIT: Around a month later & reading both the Developer Response as well as Slack's own Twitter, it seems even clearer to me that the company still doesn't value its customers. The inability to not only provide a temporary solution, providing takedowns on solutions like Sblack that work around your non-delivery, and the lack of a firm commitment on a date on which you'll have any solution due to "rearchitecture" just makes this crystal clear. I for one will be pushing my company to move to other solutions like HipChat or Discord.



Decent User Interface, Poor Engineering

Software looks good but is a GUI on top of some kind of hybrid web / command line thing. The operations are a serious drain on the battery with multiple threads which are CPU pigs. As a developer tool, this should set the example for software engineers. (script kiddies need not apply)

An IM app should not drain so much battery

ElectronJS is the worst technical decision ever to be made by an engineering team. A lot of the components don’t feel “native”, and the Slack Helper processes take up a ton of memory. At this point there’s no advantage in using the macOS app as compared to say the web app.

useful. but uses 800Meg on one team

Useful because my teal uses slack. But on my mac, latest OS, it uses 400Meg each on 2 helpers. That’s much more memory use than chrome! I am a member of just one team. The help pages are no use, suggest i run a command in channels with images. I tried and the memory use went up!


Slow, buggy, crashy and destroys the battery life. Pure crap. Slack doesn’t care about user experience hence this garbage of an “app,” which is nothing but a glorified website.

This is awesome


doesn’t work (update: works now)

starts, but won’t let me log in to a workspace. The “find your workspace” feature is also a dead end. update: I can connect now. There was an issue noted on their system status page--however, the lack of feedback from the program regarding the error condition still stands. If there was an issue with Slack's network, why would it not tell me that?

An indispensible tool, but...

Slack really needs a dark theme (not just sidebar themes). For those with light sensitivity this is an important accessibility feature. I find it impossible to keep Slack in the foreground all day, though I’d want to.


Worked fine until recently, but now it’s stuck on the “Connecting to Slack…” page. Tried restarting my computer, clearing the cache, resetting the app, and reinstalling it, none of which works. Frustrating.

Open Source?

The one thing that would make Slack way better than it already is would be for Slack to go completly open source. If they did become open source this would become a game changer. All developers including my self and many more could have the power of slack in our hands and we could make app development a lot easier and faster. This could mean more stability, more asked for features, and even more custom choices than what we have right now.

Remember last opened position...

I’m tired of when I reboot my Mac and most every application remembers where it’s placed last, except Slack. It’s not a hard feature, I’d prefer it to take an extra second to startup if it meant I didn’t have to move it every… single… time. Otherwise the app is nice.

No Dark Mode / Theme

Slack still doesn’t support a dark mode for relaxed viewing. #Fail #ShowUpOrGiveUp

Has trouble connecting when remote over F5

Before 3.1.0 any issues with remote connections was handled by restarting the browser. Now, I’m going to extremes of clearing the cache which only works rarely. Rebooting sometimes helps but twice now I’ve had to clear the cache, reboot and reinstall Slack. Enough please.

Amazing app

This chatting app has made life so easy at work. It has so much to offer. Great work team Slack.

Insanely slow and fat, for a chat application

My company had been using Slack internally for over a year, and we’re quitting. There are several reasons for that: one is frequent outages. Another one is the resource usage: the app is ridiculously RAM-hungry and is using 1+ gigabytes of memory. And the list of channels I’m joined is virtually unmanageable: it’s usually easier to just type “/join #<channel>” than to find the channel in that list!

What’s New description is funny :)

I’m just writing this review to say I had fun reading the What’s New literature… er, description.. (MacOS 3.1.0).. hilarious but understated. 😂 I had as much fun reading the description as I will have when using the app. The writer has a good sense of humor and I was gonna just smile to myself reading it and not say anything.. but sharing is caring. :) Give this person a promotion or a bonus! Too bad I don’t work there.. here’s a donut and a coffee for the poetry 🍩☕️ The app is pretty good too.. I love the giphy feature.

Works fairly well but cumbersome...

I like the app and use it frequently but CPU use is an issue and the constant updates are a pain on my Mac. Seems like every time I look up there’s an update, and it’s always Slack.

Latest Build has bugs

Updated to Version 3.1.0 (App Store) of Slack in my mac and now I am not able to make calls (audio / video). Please fix this bug.

Love the Apps

I really love being able to develop your own apps to plug-in, love the snooze option with the ability to push an urgent message through, and love the UX. This has been very a useful tool for collaboration in my company. One small annoyance I have is when I open Slack which has only one channel, I see an almost full blank screen with only one of my cooworkers posts each time. I wonder if it's an old post from when the channel was created because it doesn't change. Very minor but curious if others experience this. Otherwise, very happy with this app after several weeks of use.

Dynamic Community Communication System!

I adore slack and have used it on really big teams and really small teams. Its very intuitive and dynamic. My church uses it for all-church communication (from #worship where we share what we’re currently listening to, all the way to #play channels where we plan hiking outings together!). We also use it at my workplace and I’ve used it for community organizing.

Needs a actual sign in page

Needs to have an area where you can sign in with a password and username, got a new phone and i can no longer use the workspace w/out a new account

Amaizing just try

+5 Stars

Major Keyboard Lag lately

I’ve used Slack for years, Its a good tool. But over the last few months I get some major intermitent problems with processor usage and keyboard lag. I’m not quite sure how you get a chat app to constantly push the processor, but it needs to get fixed.

Great app!

I use Slack for my classroom, for my learning community, and for a friends' group. This is a wonderful tool. Many thanks!

Keeps crashing

Not sure why, but the app keeps crashing recently. I reinstalled it but doesn’t help at all.

Love to hate Slack

Goddamn this is the most frustrating, buggy application. It takes forever to open, has to be updated exceptionally frequently, but the concept is so nice! If only Slack spent as much time making sure things worked seemlessly as they do advertising their indispensibility (they’re right on that part, at least) this would be a much more pleasant experience.

Big improvement over browser client.

I use Slack constantly amongst 5 active spaces. While some of the feedback about how this app is a little sluggish are valid, it's also true that it's a sleek app, a big improvement over using the browser (who wants extra tabs open anyway?), and an absolute no brainer for anyone with multiple accounts they need to switch between quickly. File sharing, video calls, threads, all are working well, and I definitely recommend this app. Thanks Slack!

Great Business Communications App

Works great to create “Channels” which are ad-hoc groups that can be messaged at once. The channels can be changed or deleted when needed. The Mac app works well with notification center but a recent bug (Dec 2017) is REALLY annoying. Replies in the notification center now go nowhere. U P D A T E ! Bug squashed as of Jan 2018. Replies are acting as they should. Thanks!!! BTW Notification Center can be set to make Slack notifications persistent so you never miss a message. I can’t find a way to do that on colleagues running Windows 7. Also its nice to know that the developer listens to customers (paying or not) so if you expand to the paid tier you’ll get good service.

Ubiquitous but awful

Slack is an ubiquitous form of chat for lots of groups, but the “native” apps are just awful, however they are just marginally better than using the web site. Threads are deeply terrible and have been banned on a number of groups to which I belong.

An App as smooth as the website

An app that is great for communicating and collaborating with groups. There are great “apps” or what I would consider "extensions" that can show you things like analytics or whathaveyou. It runs pretty well and doesn’t have anything that differs from the Slack website.

Very useful, but needs folders to organize channels

My team has been using Slack for about a year. We use Slack a lot and it has been incredibly helpful. However, the inability to organize channels into hierarchical folders, or even one level of folders, is a serious productivity killer. We have about 50 channels, so hunting for the right place to put information can be a hassle. We already use prefixes (e.g., dev_XXX or partner_YYY), but that isn’t a great solution, and it does little to reduce the visual and cognitive clutter. The team has been otherwise helpful with bugs we’ve encountered, but hasn’t been able to move the needle on folders. Hopefully, they will get to this important feature. Otherwise, Slack is great.

Good, but missing important feature

Slack is a great tool but what would put it over to awesome tool would be to have a better way of showing people on your team your status. When you put in a meeting and someone tries to reach out to you, Slack should auto-reply with “Person currently in a meeting”. Or out of the office where if someone reaches out Slack auto response “Person out of the office”. Or “Person Away”. Something that helps relate the status of the person rather than the sorta faded status that doesn’t really show up.


I am one of the I.T. guys for 3 International Companies and we have absolutely NO complaints about this. Its flawless. chat works great, FTP is great, GUI is smooth and its easy to set up. Definitely recommend it for business, highly.

Takes a long time to load and takes up a lot of memory


The latest update kills my MacBook

After the most recent update to Slack, which said it was to support Japanese language, I can no longer run slack on my computer. It crashes several times a day and also slows down all my other apps. As soon as I quit Slack, everything returns to normal. I would hope the developer regression tests the app on common devices before releasing something with this negative of an impact. Hopefully they fix it soon because I use the app on my Mac every day with my employer.

Connectivity is not great

Often, as my Mac goes on/off VPN, Slack thinks it’s not connected. Other people in my team show with green dots to show active, but the text box to write messages is brown/orange and the slackbot tells me it cannot connect, or it’s not connected. Only it is. To fix this, I have to either disconnect the VPN or reconnect to it, or quit slack and restart. I don’t know how it’s testing it’s connectivity, but it’s not right.


I was unable to log out of my old work and into my new through the app. I reinstalled and still it was asking for my old work email/passwotd without the option to swap companies. Stuck with using the browser.


Using pretty much everyday. Has some performance issues here and there but it is really useful among the team. The search function is awful.

Mac OS

Not working at all for me. Can’t use a program that goes to a blank box with no controls at all! Might want to rething those ‘upgrades’ and try getting a product that actually works on the mac. I’m on latest OSx with a macbook pro (plenty of everything)….should work here…? Going to another product.

Spelling is not working at all.

I’m using 3 different languages and the spelling is not working on none of them! How you managed to break such simple functionality, which works out of the box on MacOS?


The application is so slow. The more messages there are in the chats the slower the app becomes. The browser version of Slack works much smoother and more enjoyable.

Slack Web is a hero! Mac companion needs more polishing.

Slack on the web is the best work chat ever. Period. But the Mac companion is not so nice. Apart from CPU isage my biggest concern is that it takes too much screen real estate! When it’s on the Web it’s normal, but on the desktop the app is fighting with a lot of other software for the valuable space. I would’ve made a Slack Widget that sits somehwere on the corner and pops up when you need it. Or at least an ability to hide left sidebars.

Why won’t it work on a mac?

I use this on my iOS devices and Surface Pro with no issues, try to load it on my new MBP and it crashes every time...

Functional but could be more delightful

I’m running Slack 2.8.2 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 Slack and all its helpers are rather piggy, in both CPU and memory. UI feature requests: How about the ability to open a Channel or a Direct Message thread in its own Mac window? I’d love to be able to tile them on my screen to watch several at once, rather than switch my entire window when I see the notification, just to check whether I care what was just said there. Similarly, how about the ability to open a Workspace in its own Mac window?

Crashes on launch on Mac os x high sierra

Doesn’t launch at all on Mac high sierra. Tried re-installing but same result.

Still no support for the MBP touch-bar?

It’s hard to believe that well over a year since Apple started equipping their computers with a touch-bar and still, Slack doesn’t support it. Then there’s Siri integration…nope, that doesn’t work, even on iOS. Let’s face it people, these folks obviously don’t consider the Apple community important and that’s sad. As a messaging system, Slack can be pretty useful but I find myself shying more and more away from it due to lack of integration with Apple’s hardware and software platforms.

Electron? No, thanks

Gave the app 1 star only for using Electron. Basically, this is pretty much the same as a browser running one website. It’d be great if you reqrite it with native

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