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Lovin’ It!

no more sifting through 100s of emails or texts for work! create channels for each work subject/department and find documents/pics/links easily!!

Can’t access private channels

Just upgraded to latest version - can’t click on any of the private chanels on desktop or web app. Mobile app works fine. Restarted, rebooted and even removed and reinstalled the app - still not working.

One Stop App for all Office communciations

We have been using this App to communicate with various teams and vendors. No matter how many slack teams you work with, one Slack application supports multiple slack team. All groups and contacts are easily accesible with Shortcut Keys. It letes you to send files, code (without losing formatting) over message, it also allows you to mark any messages are favorites. It is very reliable, fast and the best this is that its mobile app compliments the Mac App extremely well. It is a great App for a Distributed and Centralized Team.

Just Downloaded and Can’t even Access it

I just downloaded the app and I can’t even access it. I go on to the website and nothing. Can’t even explore the app. And then I get a message telling me to check server updates for any issues and it says that all is running amazingly. I won’t give it one star because I haven’t gotten to see it. But if I can’t access the app then what is the point. If things change, I will update my score if I ever actually get to try it out.

My First Review and Only Because it is a Bijou of an App!

I am so thankful I found this gem of an application. It holds everything I need into one tidy little jewel box. I can find links which are like precious stones to me and place them in their own special categories. I can share the links, share a mutual calendar, we can text, we can even visit on the phone all through one app. There is more I can share especially about the current innovative pearl of a plan I am developing to use Slack on a wide scale. The app is quite a treasure and it will last longer than most jewelry I own.

Great service, but it needs a better client

It uses to much memory. Write a completely native client please.

CPU hog. Keyboard gets all laggy

Recent releases (or it is just the last: 2.0.2) seem to rise to 100% CPU after a while, then the keyboard gets about a second or two behind. Major problem. Can’t recommend this at all.

Doesn’t support large number of teams

There has been a bug for months (which I have reported multiple times). The Team window on the left does not scroll, and makes Slack completely useless for users who are part of many teams, because there is no way to access the bottom team icons or see which ones have notifications.

Love it, but...

CPU hog. Latest version eats a lot of CPU. The performance issues have been ongoing. Seemingly not enough engineers on the desktop experience. Huge issue for those of us paying to use the service.

Spam Yahoo attached to my Chrome

After I installed this app on my mac my Chrome browser got a Yahoo Homepage app installed! Not cool! I reported this to both Mac and Chrome. Please don’t add anything to my computer. I will remove this from my system.

Install if you want to use your computer as a heater

100% of CPU usage guaranteed. Battery drained in minutes.

Slack is like the complete opposite of Tom Cruise. Their releases get better with time.

Tom Cruise has had a golden age in which we trusted, and at times even followed his new releases. We relied on his ability to deliver with each of his new movies. However, slowly but surely, his extensive career has been a large declining red line on the chart tracking quality over time. Unlike the famous actor, Slack’s new releases are always packed with new (pleasant) surprises, each update solving a problem you didnt realize they had, adding features you didn’t realize you needed. Their writing about their new updates are always entertaining to read, and my faith in their team is always growing. They also seem to remain relatively scientology and couch-jumping free. Their use of hoverstates are efficient and effective, never over-explaining but pin pointing necessary tips. Their sense of hierarchy within the messages windows are very nice, tracking back in the history is a breeze (I do wish there was a way for me to jump back to a certain date easily. Perhaps a date picker that appears when I click on the date headers inside the messages. Thanks Slack, for not being Tom Cruise.

Moin Uddin

Whenever I try to switch to another team, it dies.

Awesome App

Developers will find Slack to be the best choice for team communication.

Great app!

Love all the integration that makes Slack so powerful and convenient to use at work. And giphy is the best!


Why did it take so long for someone to create something like this? And more importantly, why wasn’t that someone me? :)

A highly useful tool for group chat.

This app is great. Instant sync between all my devices, and my company and I (not to mention other groups) can chat lightning fast.

Outstanding app!

If your team uses Slack for communication, then this is a must-have app. It works very well, and I prefer this instead using a browser window. The Slack service is MUCH better for team messaging than something like Skype.

Great Team App!

We use this for many developer oriented groups and its really a daily used tool. It’s amazing and not sure what we did before this? So much better than talking via Skype or group email.

Nice, I like it !

This is my loved app. Very useful tool !

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